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Winterhawk Parking Lot Camping!


It’s Hard Out There
Hayes Carll traveled all the way from Austin, TX just to play two shows at the Tin Angel listening room in the Old City of Philadelphia.  Traveling down the road is nothing new to Carll.  He admitted to playing thousands of shows over his 15 year career all over the world. (Read More … )

Random Thoughts on Festivals
All festivals are different, even the same event from year to year.  Each festival has its own personality reflected in the demographics of those attending and, particularly whether or not the event serves or allows beer.  Every festival has its own story.  Below are some of my thoughts and observations about festivals I have attended over the past 40 years.  I hope you find them interesting and possibly useful. (Read More … )

Bristol Rhythm & Roots 2012
Bristol is always the last festival of the season and as such, causes reflection.  In 2011, I was ill and could not go to Bristol or any other event.  It has been a long journey since then and I am extremely fortunate to have been given the chance to continue to live my life in a meaningful way. (Read More … )

64 Hours, 600 Miles, 2 Festivals, 13 Bands and a “We Are Penn State” Chant
This weekend was going to be a bit over the top. My wife and I planned to travel to two music festivals in different cities on the weekend, culminating Monday with a show in State College at the State Theatre. In order to get to David Bromberg’s Make Some Noise Festival we had to depart for Wilmington very early Saturday morning. We went with one of my best friends from York County, PA. (Read More … )

Merlefest 2010
Spring came early this year in the Northeast. Usually the first sign of spring for me is when we head down the Shenandoah Valley going to Wilkesboro, NC for Merlefest. The spring flowers become more prevalent the farther south we get. Because of the early spring, it seemed like Merlefest was happening very late this year. I was sure glad when the last week in April rolled around so we could make our annual pilgrimage to Merlefest. (Read More. .)

Merlefest 2009
Wednesday:  The first festival of the year is always exciting. The long stretch of anticipation is just about over. This is when we check the lists and gather the stuff we need to make the long trek to Wilkesboro, NC for the 22nd annual Merlefest. Merlefest is the biggest and best festival I have ever attended. This show has over 100 acts that appear over four days spread across 14 stages. (Read More. .)


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