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Bela Fleck & Tony Trischka
Cabin Stage


Guidelines for including performances
  • To be counted as a performance, I have to have see the artist (group or individual)  playing a minimum of three tunes..

  • An artist or group that performs multiple times during a single event or festival counts as one show.  No individual act is double counted at any event.  

  • An artist performing with multiple acts at a single event or festival count as separate performances.  ex. Tim O’Brien performs solo and later performs with Hot Rize.  Both shows count as separate performances. 

  • A show is only counted for the originally scheduled artist.  Artists are systematically under counted when they make guest appearances with other acts.  ex. Little Feat performed with guest Sam Bush performing as part of the band (the entire show).  Sam Bush does not get credit for a performance under this system. 

  • All-Star bands are a problem.  Who gets credit for the show?  ex. When Sam Bush plays with the Bluegrass Sessions Band who gets credit for the show?  In this case I have chosen to credit Bela Fleck for the show since it was his project.

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