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Bela Fleck & Tony Trischka
Cabin Stage


Guidelines for including performances
  • To be counted as a performance, I have to have seen the artist (group or individual) playing a minimum of three tunes.

  • An artist or group that performs multiple times during a single event or festival counts as one show. No individual act is double counted at any event.  

  • An artist performing with multiple acts at a single event or festival count as separate performances. ex: Tim O’Brien performs solo and later performs with Hot Rize. Both shows count as separate performances. 

  • A show is only counted for the originally scheduled artist. Artists are systematically under counted when they make guest appearances with other acts. ex: Little Feat performed with guest Sam Bush performing as part of the band (the entire show). Sam Bush does not get credit for a performance under this system. 

  • All-Star bands are a problem. Who gets credit for the show? ex: When Sam Bush plays with the Bluegrass Sessions Band who gets credit for the show?  In this case I have chosen to credit Bela Fleck for the show since it was his project.

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