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  1. Dwight Fowler says:

    Was looking at my photo album and remembering the Folk Roots ‘78 show and the Pagans. I have a bunch of photos, and flyers from the show. Such a bummer. I was in college outside Philly at that time living with my girlfriend. We camped and were amazed by the talent. I remember slowly driving out and 8 took photos of the bikes with my instamatic. I remember seeing biker guys and girls walking around the camp looking kind of menacing with their leather and chains. I cut out the photo from the Philly Inquirer of the biker funeral procession some days later. My recollection is that a guy was walking his dog, and it was attacked by a bikers dog. The guy went to pull him out of the fight, and the bikers pulled him away so they could let the dogs fight. That’s when he went and got his gun. Crazy stuff.

  2. Joe says:

    I was looking for information on the promoter Jim Clark and stumbled upon your festival memoirs…I was at Shade Gap in 1977. In retrospect, it was, by far, the most eclectic bluegrass festival I’ve ever attended. Clark has never received the proper credit for being the father of the modern bluegrass/jamgrass pot-infused festival. Apparently he was quite, er, eccentric.

    Regarding 1977, I totally recall Jimmy Martin being a jerk, but I did love his hard bluegrass sound. I clearly remember an incident where a performer would not play until a Confederate flag in his view was taken down. In my memory that performer was John Hartford, but after seeing your listing of performers it may have been someone in New Grass Revival…

    Thanks for putting down your memories, I hope this finds you well. As you will note from my email address, I share your love for the other summer game…Best, Joe

  3. Allan Curry says:

    Thanks for sharing your life experiences. Cool posts! I actually found your page looking for Julia Bell Swain tickets. Julia Bell was the small Steamboat that was in Peoria Illinois. My father took me on her when she was new back in 1971. I seen your photo of your ticket. I hope you had the joy of being on her back then! I held on to my tickets until about 5 years ago when I lost them in a big flood that almost took my house. About a year ago I was talking to dad about my memories of that day and that the tickets were lost. He broke down and explained something I never understood, that was the day his mother passed away. He took us kids on the Julia Bell to take his mind off of the hospital and how he felt. She passed later that night. on August 21 of this year my father passed away. On the day his obituary came out in the Peoria Journal Star on the front page was a photo and story about the Steamboat Spirit of Peoria, the newer boat now on the Illinois river. I took it as a sign that they are now together. I have been looking for a ticket form the Julia Bell and I have only seen your post on them. I get that they too are a memory for you, so thanks again for posting the photos. If you ever fell like parting with them, look me up! FYI, The Julia Bell just went through a 2 million dollar restoration and is now in Wisconsin.

  4. Phillip says:

    Looking for more information on the Shade Gap festival that was cancelled due to the murder of the Pagan. I was there with some friends and we have pictures of the bikers closing off the grounds, and the state police just standing outside the gates. I remeber that Grandpa Jones and the Hot Mud family were there, but can’t out who else played before all hell broke loose. Cheers!

  5. Mark Shelton says:


    Did Joni Mitchell open for Three Dog Night on February 8, 1972 at the Stokely Athletic Center on the UT campus? I have a vague recollection of one of the Majors brothers being in the rafters.

  6. Keith says:

    Are all of those ticket stubs yours or just ones you’ve come across? I only ask because I search Sabres vs Penguins Dec 26, 1995 trying to find a picture from the game and I had Row H seat 18. You have 17 listed. Would be pretty amazing/odd.

    • stimely says:

      Well, after a long pause, I will admit that all of the tix shown were used by me.

      I believe Martin Biron started in goal for Buffalo. It was his first NHL start at age 18 or 19. We sat behind the goalie that night at the Igloo.

  7. Dave says:

    Love the snap of the GD stage being set up in Nashville.

    Thanks for sharing it


  8. My wife attended Penn State and was living there on 4-26-81. She saw Bromberg and Arlo and is a witness that this show did in fact occur. Apparently one of her friends recorded the show since she has a tape.

  9. Wayne'sWorld says:

    Thanks Jerry. I was searching for a definitive date of a Tom Waits show I saw in Eisenhower Auditorium during my undergraduate days at PSU. I thought it was 1979 (and so does my friend that attended with me), but you have listed on 2/1/1980. I can’t find any other definitive date for it.
    BTW I suggest you listen to/attend a band called the Baseball Project. They put on a great show and have 3 wonderful albums of stories about baseball. You are probably already familiar, but I did not see any of their shows listed on your database.

  10. Great website and list of concerts!

    Just a small correction:

    Uriah Heep did not play at the Stokely Athletics Center in Knoxville, TN in “Fall 1972″.
    Their one and only concert at this venue took place on February 29th, 1972 (with Cactus and Dreams as you accurately mention).

    Could you please share any memories you have of Uriah Heep’s performance?
    Further details and recollections are important for my research, so any information would be really appreciated (you can use my e-mail address).

    Thank you in advance!

    • stimely says:

      Hello Uriah Heep Archivist. Sorry that I have taken forever to respond. In the case of Uriah Heep in Kknoxville, I attended the Uriah Heep, Dreams, and Cactus (without Jeff Beck) at Stokely Athletic Center on the University of Tennessee campus on February 29, 1972. They indeed did come back later to perform in the Civic Coliseum. I did not attend this show. I got to see Heep in Pittsburgh with Bloodrock on 12/13/72 and got to to see them in Harrisburg at the Farm Show Arena with the Flock and Silverhead on 2/2/73. I am extremely sure the Stokely show was show was indeed 12/13/72.

      An aside, I got to meet the boys when we all were flying out of the Harrisburg International Airport two days after the Farm Show Arena show. I memtioned that I had seen the show and had seen two others. They said thanks etc. I remember lots of hair, wierd colorful clothing, and lots of jewelry. My father thought I was nuts for talking to those ‘long hairs.’

      Hopes this helps or is moderately interesting.

      Jerry Stimely
      State College, PA

  11. Frank Riddick says:

    I stumbled upon this website while looking for information about concerts that I attended in Knoxville in the 1970′s. I was at many of the shows on your list. I have most of the ticket stubs from the concerts and have been putting together a spreadsheet listing the dates, venues and opening acts of the shows. However, the dates are torn off of some of the ticket stubs and I can’t remember all of the opening acts. Also, there are a few concerts that I went to, but don’t have ticket stubs, so I am trying to find the dates of those shows. I would love to share information with you about the shows, if you are interested. Let me know.

  12. Kelly Ahrens says:

    Hello, I promote a big baseball event and was planning on adding music to the venue. My mother , Pat Ahrens, is very well networked in Bluegrass and I was going to use her to help me in production.

    I looked and found your site as I like “Bluegrass and Baseball”. I would like to discuss using your website to assist in promoting this event and allow you to participate as little or as much as you would like.

    Please call me when you get a chance. 803-260-5432

  13. Rich Wagner says:

    The rambling on Watkins Glen was really well written. It make me feel like I was there. Wait a minute I was there. Or was I? Do I really remember or was it a dream? Or was it a dream and I really remember? What was it I was talking about?

  14. Kathleen says:

    I loved reading “Random Thoughts on Festivals!” I especially love all the stories from the festivals in the 70′s :) The biker gang story from Supergrass 77 is pretty wild! I love picturing you and Gwen rocking out to Leftover Salmon and String Cheese Incident at Telluride, too. So cool!

  15. Tyler says:

    What a pleasure to read the ramblings dad! Keep ‘em coming — when do we get a Sammy or David retrospective? I feel like either one of them could earn 5,000 words.

  16. Del says:

    Hi Jerry
    I found it and wallowed in it.
    I know little about those who people the venues of bluegrass and baseball, but nonetheless, I was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of material and the detailed annotations on your site.
    And your narratives: you see far more at a concert and make more connections between the participants and their other bands than I coyuld even imagine.
    Where in your brain do you hold it all?
    I’d say that there is certainly enough material for a book, but I show my age. This website is probably the best vehicle and format for it, and I am glad to have a “copy”.

    Keep it up!

  17. Del and Steve says:

    We found you! Super!

  18. sk says:

    I don’t see Tussey Mountain Moonshiners in your list!! I’m sure you’ve heard of them and I’m even more sure that you’ve seen them perform! Personally, I think they’re great … you?

  19. Vin Castro says:

    Jerry- What a fantastic written journey through your musical world! The interesting part is I have a feeling I’ve heard some of these stories before. Keep up the good work and “Go Bucs”

  20. sk says:

    Images can be uploaded along with a comment. This is a sample of the size and placement of an image you share. I wonder how many are out there that still have those pictures! This one is of Taj Mahal, somewhere on the west coast, sometime during 1970 or 1971.

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